Eco Fashion: oral and written communication in FYR


Students practise reading, listening, writing as well as IT skills.

The lesson is focused on teamwork and development of individual skills.

Students study different blogs on green fashion, swap information and write their contribution (individually)

The educational video with a famous designer can test listening comprehension  and help discuss the topic deeply.

IT skills are important to create a fashion calendar (it is possible to use a photo shop app)


Get started: students are divided into groups of 4; each person studies a blog on green fashion and informs his group about the content, layout and the main ideas.

Step 1

Each student writes a short text-contribution to one of the blogs (app.250 words) and expresses his feelings about the green fashion.

Step 2

Groups watch an educational video with a famous designer. The topic of eco fashion is discussed afterwards.

Step 3

Groups launch a (virtual) collection of green fashion explaining why their items are green.

Step 4

Making a calender

Each group creates a calendar; the topic can vary from group to group, e.g.: famous designers, green fashion collection, eco fashion

Each student is assigned a grade for written communication: a blog contribution

Each team is assigned a passing grade for oral communication, their teamwork and the results.

a laptop, the internet, headphones, a pen, pencil, paper