Designed for the Dump: E-Waste


This material deals with electrical and electronic waste (so-called e-waste), its consequences and what could be done about it.  We aim to answer the following main questions as part of the period:

What is e-waste?
Why are electrical and electronic devices “designed for the dump"?
What are the consequences of e-waste?
What does Norwegian and international law say about e-waste?
What could be done about this problem?
What could YOU do?

 After a general introduction to the topic, the students are asked to write a 5-paragraph essay. They choose a topic within the topic, make a problem approach, do research and write an essay.

This material covers competence aims in the English, Electro vg1 and Computers and Electronics vg2 and vg3 curricula. It could also easily be adapted to other subjects, such as Norwegian, Social Studies and Science.


See the attached file for detailed descriptions and resources.

Relevant vocabulary.
Film clips: focus on content and relevant vocab and expressions.
Reading a text on the topic.
Writing a 5-paragraph essay:
Problem approach.

See the attached file for details.

Discussions in class.

Five-paragraph essay (but could easily be adapted to an oral assessment situation, such as a presentation, instead).

Classroom with computer and projector

Student computers with internet access