Kindergarten – Meal Plan

  • Elevene skal lage en ukes-meny for en barnehage.
  • De må kunne utforme den skriftlig på en oversiktlig og lettforståelig måte.
  • Gjennom arbeidet skal elevene sette seg inn i kriterier for hva som er sunn og helsebringende mat og ut i fra dette kunne grunngi matvalgene de gjør

Eating  Cake


4 lessons

Work in groups of 2-3.

  • Do the task below together
  • Be prepared to present what you have worked with to the teacher on your agreed date.

Prepare a Week’s Meal Plan for a Kindergarten.

The meal plan has to meet the following requirements:

  • The food has to be healthy – give reasons why the food you have chosen to include in your plan is in fact healthy
  • The menus have to be composed to ensure that the children will get varied nutrients
  • The meals should not cost too much
  • It should be possible to prepare the meals for many children
  • The food should be child friendly

You will present the meal plan to the class and be prepared to answer questions about it and explain your choices.




Critical question: The food presented in the resource links are examples of food for small children that is regarded as healthy in the USA and Canada. Do you think there are any differences between North America and Norway when it comes to what is regarded as healthy food? Do you find anything here that you would definitely not serve to small children?

You will each get an individual grade, based on:
-    Content
-    Initiative and willingness to communicate
-    Language (fluency, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar).

PC, the Internet and your textbook.