Mission: Mars (Communication)


In a 4-step activity pupils practise reading, writing, speaking, listening and IT skills.

They are assigned a credit/a passing grade for the activity.

The objective of the lesson is to stimulate communication in class.

                                 Datagenerert vannspeil på mars. 

Foto: Science photo library / NTB Scanpix. Lisens: CC by-nc-sa 

Task1: Groups study the table of five key characteristics for an astronaut (link) Afterwards they discuss the question in  focus (see task 1)

Task 2: Groups study three profiles and discuss who is the best out of three candidates (link with video presentations, each one is up to 90 sec.)

Task 3: Groups create a 90-sec. presentation of their candidates (instructions) Students use a cell phone to record the presentation. 

Task 4: Each group presents their candidate and the class votes for the best astronaut.

Students are assigned a passing grade.

- a laptop,

- the Internet,

- a worksheet,

- a pen/pencil;

-a cell phone (or I-pad) to create a video record.