Character Wrap, Focus on Literature


Students work with a literary text discussing different characters and their challenges.

The activity helps stimulate class/group discussions and practise writing  short texts.



Step 1: Fill in your ideas in the Character –Wrap below (individual work) Compare and discuss your findings in pairs/small groups. Can you find quotes/places in the text to support your arguments?


Step 2: Write a short text (2-3 paragraphs) answering the questions below.

  • How real is the character? Can you relate this character to our life? Give examples of similar characters from other books, films or life itself.

  • What  moral lessons does the character/author teach us (think about what is right and wrong)


Step 3:  Discussion (in groups or pairs) based on the short texts from step 2

Students can be assigned a grade based on written task (step 2)




laptop (optional)