Computers in Nursery and early years of Primary School (Barnehagen)


The lesson plan is divided into two main parts: (1) Debate about whether computers should be allowed in nurseries and early years at primary schools (equivalent to Barnehagen) and (2) Short essay.


The lesson covers a number of learning aims both within oral and written English and sits well within the theme of communication and more especially, the use of social media. The debate itself proved to be a successful means in which to prepare the students for their written essays, which were subsequently graded. It was a subject on which the students held strong opinions as well as being able to provide their own original thoughts. I ran these lessons within engelsk faget with vg1 HO students.

Details of the lesson plan are found on the debateopplegg file.

Space to set up a debating chamber. The Chairman should have some kind of tool to keep order (something that makes a noise). A few pieces of blank A4.