International Project: Malawi. Design a Classroom and a School Uniform (Design)


Students practice different basic skills by collecting material about the former British colony and its system of education.

Next, they use their skills  to design a classroom or uniform for a Malawi elementary school.

Finally, the project is presented and assessed by a grade for oral communication.

Fairtrade ballong - Malawi Afrika (NDLA) (DH, Hamar katedralskole)

Students choose one of the tasks from the handout and prepare their presentation for the board of Global Education Company, Great Britain.



First: present the country briefly.

Second: education in Malawi (short information).

Next: your suggestion (pictures, sketches, photos). Explain why you think your solution is the best one possible (easy to realise, not expensive , cheap, affordable , original, creative)

Afterwards: ask and answer some questions.

Finally: show your sources and thank the board for attention.


Task 1

Transform an empty room in a Malawi elementary school into a good learning environment: inspiring, inviting and engaging. Teaching aids, maps, portraits can be painted on the walls, for example.

The budget is tight, and you cannot afford to buy much furniture. Usually children sit on the floor.

Anyway, use your fantasy and create an exciting classroom .


Task 2

Design a school uniform for boys and girls of a Malawi elementary school. The budget of the families is tight, therefore you have to come up with good solutions. Remember to introduce some elements of traditional colours / folklore in the uniform.

Individual grade for oral communication.

laptops, the Internet, pencils, paper, headphones (optional)