Advertising in English Speaking Countries: Possible Health Consequences


The first stage of this task aims to explore the influence of advertising on a person's health, by considering the possible health consequences resulting from a specific food choice. It's a joint project between Vg1 English and Vg1 HO. The students are presented with two adverts from an English-speaking country, selected by the teachers, one of which features a healthy food choice and another of which features an unhealthy food choice. Each student will be given their own two adverts. The students will go on to produce a written assignment based on these two designated adverts. In addition the students will give an oral presentation based on one of their adverts, using Powerpoint, to the rest of the class.

English assessment of the written and oral elements will be graded by the English teacher. HO assessment of the written task 2b. will be graded by the HO teacher. 

The resources provided enable the teacher to alter the focus of the task if required or extend the original task:

  1. They can be used to explore modern diet in the Western world and the health consequences. Focusing on English speaking countries – USA, Australia and the UK (Supersize me, BBC The Truth about Sugar)

  2. They can be used to explore the global cultural transfer of MacDonald’s and Coca Cola .

  3. They can form the basis of a general discussion about the power of advertising and the role of advertising in a nation’s health (see advert lists).

  4. They can form the basis of a discussion or debate about who is responsible for obesity: supermarkets, government, food industry or the individuals themselves (Katie Hopkins, Overweight Haters Ltd are extreme views, but may be useful here to initiate debate).

  5. They can form the basis of an exploration into measures needed to tackle obesity. Governmental changes, food industry changes, shock tactics (e.g. advertising campaigns in Australia and the USA - see advert lists).


The preparation as well as the written task are outlined in the file adverthealth.docx

Youtube links to various advertisements, documentaries and news stories are found in the file reklameressurs.docx


Useful words English/Norwegian: ordlistreklame.docx

To do: Development of feed-on tasks.

Powerpoint setup, computers/laptops