Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, level 2 From novel to essay


Pupils improve their basic skills by reading a Penguin edition of the famous book, level 2. (the set of exercises and guidelines for teachers)

Pupils can watch a cartoon version and practise their listening skills:

Next step: written communication. Pupils write an essay based on the book.

The handout has step-by-step instructions  on writing a 5-paragraph essay.

Lisens: PD

Step one: read the book and do some exercises (Activities at the end of the book and in the pdf. document online) Create a storyline: event 1, event 2, event 3 and etc.

Step two: watch the cartoon and discuss the challenges the protagonist has to face and his attitude to different problems. Find examples on positive thinking and solution oriented attitude.

Step three: write an essay. Follow the guidelines in the handout.

Assessment: Grade for written communication.

Criteria for assessment:

  1. You can create neat paragraphsJ

  2. You can use a capital letter correctlyJ

  3. Your spelling and grammar are goodJ

  4. Your sentences are clear and easy to understandJ

  5. Your text is well-written with cohesion and flowJ

  6. Your text has 3 main parts: an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.

  7. You use examples from the novel.

-Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, penguin readers, level 2

-laptop to watch the cartoon and to write an essay.