A Red Cross Volunteer


Pupils use different websites to find a volunteer programme and present it in English.

They write a manuscript in Norwegian or English.

Basic skills in focus: reading, listening, writing, speaking and IT competence.

Further activities: Mother Teresa, level 1 (penguin easy readers) Pupils can read the book and do different activities  (see the link)


Røde Kors og Røde Halvmåne. Foto.  Foto: Tim Tabor
Lisens: CC by-nc-sa
Kilde: flickr.com

1. Step one: study volunteer experience by using the links online.

2. Find a volunteer programme in Norway or abroad, write a manuscript and deliver a speech.

The manuscript is assessed by a team: a vocational programme teacher/teachers and a Norwegian language teacher/teachers.

The speech is assessed by an English teacher / teachers. 

Criteria for assessment of the speech.

  1. The speech has a correct structure, e.g.: Dear friends….. Do you have any questions? Thank you for listening.
  2. You are independent from your manuscript and have an eye contact with the audience.
  3. The speech has cohesion and flow. Your findings are supported by good examples.
  4. Your vocabulary is rich, grammar and spelling, pronunciation are correct.


  1. Pupils fill in a self-assessment card.


a laptop, the Internet