English Course for Adults/Young Learners


This is a project where the students of the 2nd year in Upper Secondary School practise their English through teaching, at the same time as they meet their future profession (Kindergarten or elderly people). The students plan and perform an English course for children or elderly people, and as they brainstorm and bring up their ideas of how to perform the course its content, they also practise their skills from other subjects; here Norsk and Helse- og Oppvekstfag.

This procjet is suitable for future health care workers and child and youth workers. The health care workers created a course where they aimed to teach elderly people basic English for travelling. They created a role play that they first performed themselves, and then let the guests perform as well. They also added a list of useful words and expressions that the guests could take with them at the end of the day.

The child and youth workers created a course for children at the age of five, who will start with English in Primary school the following year. They created different themes and prepared material, such as food, kitchen utils, colours and fruits, that the children would learn through different games, imitating and painting.

Week 1: Information, divide into groups, brainstorm

Week 2: Start preparing working on the chosen topic

Week 3: Work with preparations, divide tasks to everybody, rehearse.

Perform the course.

We used one room each per group, so that all groups could focus on their own activity.

All together, the students used pen, paper, scissors, paint, brushes, pictures of fruits and real kitchen utensils.