Children's games


The aim is for the students to practice their ability to talk and explain in English. They also learn games/songs that they can use when working in kindergarten or primary school.

In pairs or small groups, the students choose two children's games/nursery rhymes/songs etc. They can either choose to translate games/songs they already know in Norwegian, or they can use the Internet to find English language games. They then practice in their pairs/groups how to explain and play the game in English. They then test the games on the rest of the class, only using English.


Games the students chose:

  • Simon Says (or the King commands…)

  • Museum -  one person is a lump of clay, the other is the artist. The rest of the class guesses what the clay is becoming.

  • Skip to my Lou (song and dance on youtube)

  • The Whispering Game

  • Head, shoulders, knees and toes with a twist (stand in a squat while doing eyes etc.)

  • Circle - step on feet: They say a rhyme while jumping around in a circle. When the rhyme stops, everybody has to stay in the position they land. Then all, in turn, are to try to step on the foot of the person next to them. If someone steps on your foot, you are out of the game. When there’s two left, they hold their arms in a cross over their chest, and jump at each other, until one person puts both feet on the ground. Rhyme: "ABC, don’t stand in the same spot, who can manage that, 123."

  • Musical chairs

  • The Therapist (Psykologen)